Jiji stops the scammers

Jiji stops the scammers

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Jiji.ng is a perfect place to buy everything you need. A dozen of categories contain the things from different regions of Nigeria meant for different purposes and belonging to different spheres of life and activities. To make everything sound less complicated, Jiji is the free classifieds selling pre-owned stuff.

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Due to the newest security systems, tracking suspicious activity and protecting you from spam, Jiji can be considered the safest classifieds in Nigeria. However, you should never forget about scams. It is not difficult to detect them and become secured. All you need to know is gathered in Jiji’s safety tips. While rules for buyers are clearer, sellers should remember to always provide detailed and correct information, answer all the questions, and meet a buyer in person before closing the deal.

If, unfortunately, a person has become a victim of some fraud, they can write a comment about the scheme of deception along with contact information, adding to the big Jiji’s database of banned scammers on Jiji

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