Mark Zuckerberg sued: Neighbor claims Zuckerberg breaks promise to socialize

Mark Zuckerberg sued: Neighbor claims Zuckerberg breaks promise to socialize

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Mark Zuckerberg is accused of breaking a promise to his neighbor and now he’s being sued in court for fraud. This neighbor vs. Zuckerberg dilemma is one bizarre case and it gets stranger by the day.

This lawsuit pertains to the purchase of property rights, but the meat of the suit centers on Zuckerberg’s failure to keep a promise. The neighbor claims that part of this deal was a promise of introductions to the Facebook CEO’s circle of friends and associates, but that never happened.

The judge in this case has refused to dismiss the charges of fraud against the Facebook CEO that were filed by his neighbor. Mircea Voskerician claims Zuckerberg didn’t keep his promises of an introduction to his Silicon Valley associates as well as passing him along referrals for his business.

According to DB Techno on October 4, Zuckerberg’s neighbor is a real estate developer and he claims that Zuckerberg had promised that he would introduce him to his high-powered friends in Silicon Valley and those introductions never materialized. These promises were made, claims the neighbor, in exchange for a discount on the purchase of rights to buy property adjoining Zuckerberg’s backyard.

According to CNN Money News, this case will now go before a jury who will make the decision if Zuckerberg perpetrated fraud when allegedly making a promise to his neighbor and failing to follow through on it. This may be delayed a bit after Voskerician’s attorney just appealed the court to withdraw from the case citing ethical dilemmas could materialize if he continues on representing this client in the case. The judge is taking Attorney David Draper’s withdrawal request into consideration and is expected to hand down his decision sometime this next week.

This mess started when Zuckerberg took Voskerician up on his offer to purchase the rights to buy the adjoining property to his, which would give Zuckerberg a bigger backyard and award him more privacy. Voskerician rejected the original

deal that Zuckerberg presented for the purchase of these rights.

CNN reports that Voskerician came back with an offer for Zuckerberg that included a discount in the purchase price, but this came with a catch. In exchange for that discount he expected Zuckerberg to introduce him to his Silicon Valley circle of friends and associates, along with providing referrals to help boost his business. The deal was sealed for $1.7 million along with that promise of socializing and referrals. Voskerician claims his billionaire neighbor didn’t own up to his end of the deal.

The story seems a bit odd, as Zuckerberg, who is a billionaire, reportedly opted for a discount on the purchase rights in exchange for making “referrals” to this guy’s business. Not to mention bring his neighbor into his circle of associates via introductions. That must have been one heck of a discount! With Zuckerberg’s money and his position in Silicon Valley it is hard to believe that he would set himself up as beholding to anyone just to save a few bucks. What do you think?

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