FOUL-MOUTHED TRUMP: Donald calls Ted Cruz a ‘pussy’ — echoing supporter who shouted slur at New Hampshire rally (Video)

FOUL-MOUTHED TRUMP: Donald calls Ted Cruz a ‘pussy’ — echoing supporter who shouted slur at New Hampshire rally (Video)

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Foul-mouthed GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump called his rival Sen. Ted Cruz a “pussy” Monday night — echoing a supporter who yelled the slur during a New Hampshire rally.

“She just said a terrible thing,” Trump chortled from the stage in Manchester, where he was stumping on the eve of the Granite State primary.

“Shout it out, because I don’t want to … I never expect to hear that from you again!” Trump said in mock disapproval.

Then he gave a gleeful grin to the crowd, which was listening to him criticize Cruz for what Trump said was his weak response to a question about waterboarding terrorists in Sunday’s debate.

“She called him a pussy,” Trump gloated to a mixed reaction of claps, whistles and groans.

“That’s terrible. Terrible,” he said, shaking his head with faux chagrin, before breaking into laughter and pointing at someone in the audience.
Donald Trump gives a pair of thumbs up gestures as he enters the Verizon Wireless Arena for a campaign event in Manchester, N.H. on Monday.

It was the second time that day the bombastic billionaire shocked supporters with his blunt language.

Earlier, he’d stunned some audience members with his policy for Syrian refugee children seeking asylum in the U.S.

“I can look in their faces and say, ‘You can’t come here,’” he said.

“We don’t know where their parents come from. They have no documentation whatsoever,” Trump said.

Later Monday, his son Eric Trump tweeted a picture of himself and his relaxed-looking dad — who was slicing into a steak — at a restaurant.

The elder Trump sat next to his wife, Melania, and across from his son and pregnant daughter, Ivanka.

“Great family dinner!” the caption said.
Ted Cruz has taken criticism for his comment in Sunday’s debate on waterboarding terrorists.

Candidates from both parties spent Monday in an all-out dash to shake as many hands as possible ahead of the first-in-the-nation primary Tuesday — as operatives worried whether a light snow and slush might get in the voters’ way.

Early bird voters trickled in to New Hampshire poll sites at the stroke of midnight to cast their ballots.

The first precinct to report — tiny Dixville Notch — gave the GOP win to Ohio Gov. John Kasich and the Democratic vote to Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Residents celebrated by handing out pieces of white cake with white frosting.

The last-minute strain was apparent in Marco Rubio, who shuffled through an awkward moment during a speech.

The Florida Republican, lampooned by critics for his robotic delivery of talking points, repeated two sentences nearly word-for-word at a speech in Nashua.

Lamenting the loss of American values, he talked about the need to instill the right beliefs “instead of the values they try to ram down our throats.”

Donald Trump is accompanied by his pregnant daughter Ivanka during a New Hampshire rally on Monday. (Right) Trump supporters attend the rally.

In the next breath, he said almost exactly the same thing — but with a visible start when he realized what he was doing. And then he finished it anyway.

“It’s becoming harder than ever to instill in your children the values they teach in our homes and in our church instead of the values that they try to ram down our throats in the movies, in music, in popular culture,” he intoned.

Democrat Hillary Clinton was also feeling the pressure to eke out a win — or at least a strong showing — in a state most pundits predicted Sanders would carry.

She was dogged yet again by the controversy around her use of a private email server while secretary of state.

FBI investigators formally confirmed Monday the probe is “ongoing,” although they wouldn’t give specific details.

But it gave fresh fodder to Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus, who said in a statement Monday that the FBI’s confirmation proves the investigation “is far from the routine ‘security review’ (Clinton) has claimed.”

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