Meet the beauty booty model for Kanye’s new album

Meet the beauty booty model for Kanye’s new album

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There’s a new rear end in Kanye West’s life.

The badunk displayed on the album art of Kanye West’s recently debuted “The Life of Pablo” may not hold up champagne glasses, but it was approved by booty expert Kim Kardashian.

Sheniz Hall was the lucky choice when Kim Kardashian had to pick a butt model for Kanye West’s latest album.

The mug behind the behind belongs to London model Sheniz Halil.

“I couldn’t be more flattered and honored … All I can say is thank you to them both,” the 27-year-old told the Daily News.

The rapper can now take credit for another’s fame, as Halil is attracting many new fans on social media.

She and her giant assets are already being followed by 172,000 users on Instagram.

“Pablo brought me here,” wrote one user.

However, it seems West ran the posterior without permission; Halil noticed when she spotted the widely-shared image of her buttocks circulating on social media on Thursday.


It ‘s not Kim Kardashian’ behind on the album art of “The Life of Pablo.”

“Nope no permission,” she tweeted at fan who asked if she had gotten a heads up.

Halil posted this photo a month ago on Instagram and it seems West swiped it without permission.

Still, she remains appreciative.

“I’m not bothered at all,” she said of the free use.

“I was woken up to something crazy exciting and I guess something that may never happen again. It’s a huge thing,” she added.

Halil shared the photo on Instagram a month ago, and it found its way to the cover art of West’s seventh album when she was chosen out of a series of random photos presented to West’s famous wife, according to TMZ.

“Ye wanted Kim involved in his new album so he let her pick the butt model,” an insider dished to the gossip site.

Naturally, it took one to know one for Kim.

Kardashian even liked a recent photo Halil put up on Instagram of her husband’s new album — a huge compliment for Halil, who, like many, views the reality starlet as “ultimate queen bootay.”

With love, from one booty queen to another.

The model Sheniz Hall is “flattered” she was chosen by West for his new album.

“When your ass gets more publicity than u can imagine or buy, I’m flattered one of most influential and talented artistes …. used my pic,” she captioned the photo.

But, like the rest of the world, Halil is just as confused as to the meaning behind West’s latest work.

“Don’t know why or how but I’m flattered,” she wrote on the Instagram photo on Friday.

“It’s been a very strange day,” she also tweeted out.

Halil is a queen in her own right, having won recent beauty pageants.

She was Miss Swimsuit USA in 2014 and was named Miss London last year.

She can now add “That Pablo Booty” to the list, as some social media fans are calling her.

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