Must Read: A Clean Penis Is A Healthy Penis

Must Read: A Clean Penis Is A Healthy Penis

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So many guys do not know how to treat their penises and thus expose them to unhealthy practices which most of the time affects their health and lead to penile-disabilities

In this post, you shall read how to keep the penis clean, healthy and active

By keeping the penis clean and healthy, you prevent any bacteria from being around the penis.
If this is not done, the penis can carry germs to the vagina if unprotected sex is engaged.

Avoid sexual intercourse if the penis produces an unusual discharge with bad odour or when there are sores on the penis.

If you go ahead, you will be putting the life of the woman you are having sex with in danger.
Use a condom to protect yourself and your sexual partner(s).

The penis is one vital organ for men but women are equally interested in its affair just as men are to the vagina.

The penis must be kept healthy at all times to prevent infection or erectile issues or even affect sperm production.

Here are ways to keep the penis clean, active and healthy;

* Free range

Ensure that the pants are made of cotton which will give aeration.

The penis is usually supported or kept in a ”cell” the whole day so with all due respect, grant it bail in the night when about to sleep for some fresh air.

In other words wear something loose fitting at night and if possible go naked.

Wearing tight fitting jeans for long hours can also raise the temperature the testicles require to produce healthy sperms.

* Avoid the forest.

Don’t keep the pubic hair bushy otherwise it becomes difficult to clean the skin.

When one sweats, it gathers there so if it’s not properly cleaned it can smell and gather germs.

* Cleaning the penis.

When bathing, kindly take your time when you get to the penis.

Unfortunately, a lot of guys rush or even skip that part and just pour water there.

Do you know there are a lot of guys who bath once a day and some don’t even bath at all?

You can imagine what happens in their panties and boxers.

Do not be in a hot or very warm water for a longer period of time as this can temper with sperm production by raising the temperature of the testicles.

* Check for lumps 

Just as women check for lumps by doing self breast examination, men must also do testicular examination.

This can be done once a month usually after a warm bath as this will make the scrotum more relaxed or you can make it a habit and do it each once a day.

* Shake very well.
After urinating,
Some people do not shake the penis well or at all.

This is a bad habit as the urethra may contain some of the urine especially at the meatus or the tip of the penis.

If it is not well shook and the pant is worn, it will be wiped by the pant and depending on how long you stay in it, can cause a bad odour and germ.

The pant will sooner or later change colour at where the penis rests in the pant.

Observe these tips and your penis would answer the call whenever the need arises

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